Track Maintenance Technical Education

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Our experienced staffs with extensive knowledge in railway track maintenance provide a support for education and training of the railway companies and railway track construction companies.


  • Education and training according to the level of the engineers/technicians, from new employees to expert engineers
  • Provision of extensive education and training programs by expert engineers in diversified fields.
  • Curriculum configuration to enhance comprehension of the participants integrating the lectures and practices.


Track maintenance engineering training course

The railway track maintenance engineering course is established to cultivate talented engineers who can understand essential elements, by learning principles and expertise of the track maintenance in the classroom. Learning with the special textbook answering the exercises can bring understanding of the principles and capability in practical application.

Image of Track maintenance engineering training course

Training program

New employee training

Basic knowledge and skills required for track maintenance engineers/technicians can be acquired through the curriculum combining lectures and practice.

Image of New employee training


We establish a curriculum according to the rules of the respective railway operator to provide knowledge required for track maintenance.

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Turnout training

Turnouts have a complicated construction, which requires certain expertise to investigate effective maintenance methods. Features and knowhow required for turnout projects can be learned in practice utilizing our training facility.

Image of Turnout training

Maintenance cycle training

For effective maintenance of railway tracks, it is important to identify the cause of defective points, examining the actual facility. Knowhow of track maintenance and points to note in management of maintenance work are provided in a manner easy to understand.

Image of Maintenance cycle training

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