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Japan Railway Track Consultants Co., Ltd, (NSG) appreciates your opinions, requests, questions, etc. regarding our business, job opportunities, etc. NSG will use your inquiries to make our activities more effective. Please read carefully and understand the following notices before entry and transmission of your inquiry.

Notices for submitting an inquiry

  • Personal information received is used to respond to your inquiries and questions, and to provide information.
  • A person under the age of 16 must obtain permission from the parent or guardian before submitting an inquiry.
  • If the mail address received is incorrect or in the case of system failure, our response may become impossible.
  • Please note that it will take time to respond to your inquiry by e-mail (a response to an inquiry received on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays will be made after the next business day) or a response cannot be made.
  • Our response to your inquiry is sent to you as an individual. Please do not use our response in whole or in part without our permission for the purpose other than the purpose of your inquiry.
  • Please read our Privacy Policy for the handling of personal information by Japan Railway Track Consultants Co., Ltd,
  • The provisions stated above may be subject to change due to reasons under laws and regulations.

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