Our approach towards safety and quality

Towards ultimate safety and unbeatable quality

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NSG contributes to the creation of a safe and comfortable railway transportation service by railway track measurement, survey, and design services. Any products and services of NSG are directly linked to the safety of railway transportation and trust to NSG. So “safety and unbeatable quality” is an essential management element of NSG and is its mission.

Approach towards safety

  • To implement a safety culture in the company and improve safety awareness of individual team members.
  • To understand the essential nature of the work and aim to improve the technical ability of individual team members.
  • To implement a safety culture in the organization and aim at the ultimate safety understanding essential due to the nature of the work.
NSG Safety Plan 2023

NSG Safety Plan 2023

Approach towards safety

NSG aims to contribute to society through its products and services, striving to succeed and develop its technical abilities for railway tracks. To realize this, NSG provides high quality products and technical services to the customer according to the following policies.

  1. To understand customer needs accurately and provide products and services with high customer satisfaction.
  2. To constantly improve ability and competence of individual team members to be incorporated in the product and to contribute to development of related technologies.
  3. To follow the regulatory requirements and rules to conduct safe and trustworthy business activities
  4. To ensure the above goals, NSG maintains the Quality Management System and continually improves the process.

Registration details

Applicable organization

Japan Railway Track Consultants Co., Ltd.
Head office: 42-3 Senjuasahi-cho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Sendai Inspection Branch: JR Shinkansen Maintenance Base Office, 18, Aza Futatsui, Nangu, Tagajo-shi, Miyagi, Japan
Tokyo Inspection Branch: 2-45-1, Kaminakazato, Kita-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Applicable standards

IS09001, JIS Q 9001

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  1. Inspection,measuring and dateanalysis of railway tracks and civil engineering structures byrecording coaches.
  2. Survey,plqn,design,measuring,analysis and performance assessment of railway tracks.
  3. Consulting,technical guidance and education related to management and construction of railway tracks.
  4. Development and maintenance of vehicles, machines and equipment for railway track inspection.
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